Volleyball Tournament Postponement – Reg.

Dated : 24.04.2017

Dear Members,

This is to inform that Volleyball Tournament is postponed till further notice for want of sufficient number of entries.

We are planning to notify about the same during last week of June or first week of July 2017.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Sanjay Singh

General Secretary, DAEERC Visakhapatnam

Inter-Division Volley Ball Tournament – 2017 (Revised Notification)

Dated 20.04.2017

Subject: Inter-Division Volley Ball Tournament – 2017

This is in continuation of earlier notification dated 12.04.2017 on the same subject. Please make a note of the change in the dates of the tournament as follows:

                        Last Date for Entry           :           20th April 2017 (15:30Hrs)

                        Starting Date                      :           24 April 2017

The other terms and condition remain the same as communicated earlier.

— sd —

(Sanjay Singh)

General Secretary

Enjoy Holiday Carnival – Ramoji Film City

We take pleasure in introducing to you Enjoy Holiday Carnival  from Ramoji Film City. Minimum No. of people required is 20. Pick-up and Drop service is available from Hyderabad Railway Station. If more than 20 people are interested then we can mediate in finalizing the visit to Ramoji Film City. Travel charges from Vizag to Hyderabad are extra.

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Inter-Division Volley Ball Tournament – 2017

Dated 12.04.2017

Subject: Inter-Division Volley Ball Tournament – 2017

In its meeting held on 31.03.2017, the Executive Committee decided to conduct the Volleyball Tournament. The details of the tournament are as follows:

                        Last Date for Entry           :           19th April 2017 (15:30Hrs)

                        Starting Date                      :           20 April 2017

The rules and regulations for the tournament are as follows:

  1. All divisions of BARC, Vizag are invited to submit a team of minimum 6 players (maximum 8 players).
  2. The teams will be divided into two pools. Within the pool, the matches will be conducted in league format. Draw for the pools will be done at 17:30Hrs on 20th April, 2017.
  3. Two top teams from each pool will qualify for semi-finals.
  4. The matches will be played in the evening on all working days (except for final match) at 17:50Hrs. Schedule for matches will be announced on 19th April 2017.
  5. The date for the final match will be announced separately.
  6. The entry fee for each team is Rs.600/- (Rupees Six Hundred Only). In case, a team has players who are not members of the club, the team is required to pay Rs.50/- extra for each such player.
  7. The entries may be submitted to Shri K. K. Sahu, ASO(A), Shri R. K. Mohanty, D`man / D, and Shri NVD Prasad, ASO(A) on or before 19th April, 2017.
  8. The decision of the organisers will be final in case of any dispute relating to the conduction of the tournament, and decision of the referee will be final during the game.

— sd —

(Sanjay Singh)

General Secretary

Election Notification 2017 (By Returning Officer)

Dated: 10.04.2017

Election Notification 2017

                As per the article 5(i)(c)  of the bye-laws of DAEERC Visakhapatnam the elections to the Executive Committee for the period 2017-2020 (three years)  will be held for the following posts as per the schedule given below:

(1) Vice President (01 post)                                          (2) General Secretary (01 post)

(3) Joint Secretary (01 post)                                        (4) Treasurer (01 post)

(5) Executive Member (02 posts)

Last date for filing nomination 25-04-2017
Last date for withdrawal of nomination 27-04-2017
Announcement of eligible candidates 28-04-2017
Date of election (if required) 04-05-2017
Date of announcement of the results 04-05-2017

The nomination to the above posts may be submitted to the undersigned in the prescribed form available with the undersigned and also posted in www.dae-erc.org.in

Please note that as per the clause 5(i)(c)(2) of the bye-laws of the recreational club ‘a member can contest for only one post in the election to the Executive Committee of the Society’.

We request all the members to co-operate with us to conduct the elections in a smooth manner.



M Santosh

Returning Officer

Logo of the Club

We are happy to announce the logo of the Club as below:

The logo is designed by Shri. Manoj Meena, UDC, RC&IG, RLG Building, BARC, Mumbai (anshmina143@gmail.com). We appreciate his efforts and contribution.

Election Notification 2017 – Reg.

Date: 31-03-2017


In its meeting held on 31-03-2017, the Executive Committee has decided to declare election and for the appointment of new Executive Committee as per the instructions of the Administration, BARC, Visakhapatnam.

The elections will be held on 4th May 2017 to fill the following posts:

  1. Vice – President ———— 1 No.
  2. General Secretary ———- 1 No.
  3. Joint Secretary ————- 1 No.
  4. Treasurer —————— 1 No.
  5. Executive Member ——— 2 Nos.


Executive Committee is pleased to appoint Shri. M. Santosh Kumar, UDC, Accounts, BARC, Vizag as Returning Officer to conduct the Elections. Further details w.r.t. elections will be communicated by the Returning Officer.


(Sanjay Singh)

General Secretary


Copy to:

  1. CAO, BARC, Visakhapatnam
  2. Shri M. Santosh Kumar, Returning Officer, UDC, Accounts, BARC, Visakhapatnam