Financial Guidelines – Expenditure

  1. Expenditure by Host Unit
    1. Boarding and Lodging
      (Provision may be made for one day more than the duration of the meet i.e. starting from the Lunch one day prior to the meet and up to the Breakfast of one day after the meet.)

      1. For Outstation Participant
        The total expenditure towards Boarding (bed tea, breakfact, lunch, evening tea & snacks and dinner) and lodging shall not exceed Rs.400/- per head per day (inclusive of Rs.100/- per head per day to be collected from the participants).
      2. For Local Participants & Volunteers:
        The expenditure shall not exceed Rs.200/- per head per day. There shall be no charge for Local Participants and Volunteers. Number of volunteers shall be decided based on requirements of the meet. However, the number of volunteers; on whom the expenditure as per the above rate will be made; shall not exceed 20 nos. or 25% of the participants, whichever is higher.
      3. In case the expenditure on the item is high due to hiring of cots / mattresses etc., the excess expenditure can be adjusted in miscellaneous expenditure (item no. 6).
    2. Sports / Stage Equipment, Materials & Accessories etc.:
      These shall be as per the minimum requirements for conducting the meet.
    3. Prizes (in kind only)
      1. 1st Prize: Rs.1200/-; 2nd Prize: Rs.1000/- and “Man of the Meet” Prize: Rs.1200/-. (Prizes to be given strictly as per the specified guidelines for each game / event).
      2. Mementos: Suitable mementos may be given to participants and volunteers / contributors by the DAE Sports and Cultural Council as  a mark of appreciation. The Host Unit shall not incur any expenditure on this account.
    4. Refreshments:
      1. For opening and Closing Functions: Amount shall not exceed Rs.150/- per head for both the functions put together. The total numbers of persons attending the functions shall also not exceed twice the number of participants.
      2. Refreshments during the Matches: For players, referees & VIPs, if any, shall not exceed Rs.25/- per head per match.
    5. Honorarium to Judges and Referees:
      All the events shall be supervised by Referees / Judges / Umpires / Linesmen from within DAE Units as far as possible and there shall be no honorarium paid. However, if no qualified Referees / Judges etc. are available from DAE Units located at the venue, they may be appointed from outside and paid appropriate honorarium / fee as applicable or on case to case basis. (Refer guidelines for the Games / Cultural Events, beingg issued separately by the DAE Sports & Cultural Council).
    6. Miscellaneous:
      This shall include printing of cards, certificates, program sheets, photography, video-recording, ground making and other miscellaneous items. (Additional expenses for item no. 1 above can also be included here). The expenses under the miscellaneous head should be kept to the minimum and in no case shall exceed 15% of the expenses being incurred on items 1 to 5. (In case, it does exceed 15%, then it should be with sufficient justification).
    7. Camp-fire Dinner / Cultural Programme etc.
      In case the host unit decides to organise these, it may do so, but the total expenditure on these shall not exceed Rs.250/- per head, restricted to twice the number of the participants.
    8. Non-incurring expenses i.e. permanent facilities:
      Expenditure on this account shall be made keeping in mind that the facilities developed would be put to proper use in the subsequent years. Separate approval of the competent authority as per the normal procedures of the respective units is required to be obtained for such expenditure.
    9. General:
      1. Budget estimates for the meet shall be made by the Steering Committee, constituted by the Head of the host unit, as per the guidelines mentioned above. The Host Unit shall make suitable budget provision for the same and obtain the sanction from the Head of Unit / Corporate Office as the case may be.
      2. Copies of the Budget Estimates and also of the Actual Expenditure shall be sent by the host unit to Additional Secretary, DAE (President, DAE Sports & Cultural Council) and also to the Secretary, DAE Sports and Cultural Council for information.
  2. Subsidy Towards Personal Kit and General Expenses For Cultural Events:
    1. To be provided by the concerned units of the group as per the number of participants from their Units.
    2. General Notes Related to Kit:
      1. The concerned units of the group shall sanction subsidy towards kit etc., for the participants from the respective units as per the amount mentioned above. If the host unit fields an additional team, as provided in the game guidelines, the expenditure for the increased number of participants shall also be allowed. Provision for the subsidy shall be made by the concerned unit/ units to which the participants of a group belong.
      2. All the participants from the group for the same event shall have similar kit. Leader unit shall co-ordinate to ensure the same. Further, each participant from the same group shall have a T-shirt / Upper garment compulsorily.