Guidelines – Football

The following are the guidelines for conducting football tournaments in autonagar office:

  1. Tournament will be conducted in two rounds.
    1. In the first round teams will be divided into two groups and matches will be conducted within the groups on league basis.
    2. Best two teams from each group will advance towards semi-finals.
  2. Semi-final round will be conducted on Knock-out basis.
  3. In case less than 6 teams have registered, league matches will be conducted and best 2 teams will advance to finals.
  4. Each team will consist of 8 players. 6 playing and 2 substitutes.
  5. Each match consists of 2 halves of 15 minutes each. 5 minutes cooling break would be provided after half time.
  6. Additional time for each half will be decided by the referee.
  7. A player replaced by a substitute will not be allowed to re-enter in the match. Only one substitution in each half is allowed.
  8. In the event of a draw in a knock-out match, the result will be decided in the following manner chronologically:Extra Time (10-10 minutes) –> Penalty shootout(5-5) –> Sudden death.
  9. Swapping/Substitution of goal keeper is limited to one time per match (with the exception of penalty shootout), after informing the referee.
  10. In case of any dispute, decision of the executive committee will be final.