DAE Sports and Cultural Meet – Grouping of the Units

S. No.Name of GroupConstituent UnitLeader UnitRepresentative Colour
3.DWARKAAMD (Baroda), AMD (Nagpur), RRCAT, HWP (Baroda), HWB (Hazira), IPR, KAPP (kakrapar), NRB, Tarapur (PREFRE, WIP, AFFF, GSO, INPRC), TAPS 1 & 2, TAPS 3 & 4, AECS, IPR (Ahemdabad) and other DAE Units at Tarapur and BarodaTAPSORANGE
4.PUSHKARAMD (Delhi), LAB (Srinagar & Gulmarg), AMD (Jaipur), DAE (Delhi), HWP (Kota), AECS, SIRI, NAPS, RAPS, RAPP 3 & 4 and other DAE Units at Rawatbhata & Narora, MRI & MP (Allahabad)RAPSYellow
5.KONARKAMD (Kolkata), AMD (Shillong), HWP (Talcher), IOP (B), IRE (OSCOM), SINP, UCIL, VECC, NISER and other DAE Units in Eastern RegionUCILGREEN
6.GOLCONDAAMD (Hyderabad), AMD (HQ), ODS, KAPP (Kaiga), NFC, AECS, RPUM, and DAE Units other than ECIL (Hyderabad)NFCBLUE
7.NAGARJUNAECIL, HWP (Manuguru), AECS (Manuguru)HWP ManuguruINDIGO
8.RAMESWARAMAMD (Bangalore), HWP (Tuticorin), IGCAR, GSO, BARC Facilities (KARP, KNRPC, PRP, CWMF, etc), MAPS, KKNPP and all other IRE Units in Southern RegionIGCARVIOLET

Note: Name of Constituent Units as indicated are not exhaustive. Individual Units (as also employee officially posted) at different locations may contact the nearest leader Unit in the respective zone and DAE Sports and Cultural Council for inclusion of their names.


  1. Colour of the T-shirt / upper garment shall be the same as the colour allotted to the Group and colour of the Council emblem and the Group name shall be of a matching colour to be decided by the Group. However, in case of non-availability of T-shirts etc. of the specified colour, the concerned Group may opt for white colour for the T-shirt and the Council emblem and the Group name shall be printed in the colour that has been allotted to the Group. (This should be taken as an exception and not the rule).
  2. Game requiring white dress shall have white T-shirts / upper garment and colour of the Council emblem and Group name shall be of the colour allotted to the Group.
  3. Individual Groups may choose their own colour for the shorts / skirts / pants etc. Needless to say that the colour of the shorts / skirts / pants etc. shall be white for games requiring white dress.
  4. Dress purchased as kit for cultural meet shall have the Council emblem tucked in / printed at a location where it is prominently visible. It is preferable that the colour of the dress is the same as that allotted to the Group so that the Groups will have their individual identity.
  5. The Council emblem shall be printed on the front left hand side of the shirt / upper garment where normally chest-pocket comes. Name of the Group shall be printed below the emblem.
  6. The size of the Council emblem shall be the same as that of the enclosed sample. Size and type of lettering of Group name shall be selected by the Group matching with the emblem size and pattern.
  7. Guidelines on kit already included in “Guidelines for Expenditure” for this Meet are also to be followed.