Guidelines for Games and Events

  1. General
    1. Eligibility: Employees and trainees (to be absorbed on completion of training) in various Units of the Department, Public Sector Undertakings, Aided Institutions of the Department and staff members of the Atomic Energy Education Society are eligible to participate in the Meet. Canteen staff, whose salaries are fully borne by the concerned Units / Undertakings/Institutions are also eligible to take part in the Meet. The date of eligibility shall be the date of the selection trials in the concerned unit.
    2. Grouping: The Eight groups, their names, their Leader units and the constituent units of each group are as per Annexure I (It also includes details about the color of the kit and Council Emblem).
    3. Selection Trials: The Leader Units are required to coordinate selection trials as per Council’s guidelines. A spirit of cooperation, adjustment and goodwill is expected from all the groups (and their constituent Units) in this respect.
    4. Games, Events and Dates for the Meet: The same are decided every year and accordingly notified.
    5. Number of Events, Entries and Prizes: These will be as per the Annexure 3. For Badminton; it is estimated that to complete all the events as detailed in the annexure within five days; minimum two courts would be needed. The host unit may reduce the number of entries per group for individual events depending upon the facilities available. However, the aim should be to accommodate maximum no. of entries.
    6. General Format and Rules: These will be as per Annexure 4. However, for team events for men in Badminton; the host unit may decide to reduce the format to Best of Three matches (singles-, doubles, reverse singles), depending upon the facilities available. In such case, the no. of players for Men Team Championship shall be reduced to four. Accordingly, the no. of 1st and 2nd prizes shall be reduced to four.
    7. Flags for the Meet: Flags for the Eight groups & also for the DAE Sports & Cultural Council shall be supplied by the Council for Annual DAE Sports & Cultural Meet at all the sites.
    8. Meet Reports: Convener of the Organizing Committee of the Host Unit for the meet shall submit a report on the respective event as per the format (Annexure – 5). The report shall be forwarded through the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. In athletics & swimming the meet record, Inter DAE record for various events in the background of national records may be included.
  2. General Guidelines
    1. _
      1. Host unit shall conduct the Team Events only if minimum of 5 groups have sent their entries by the date specified by the Host Unit. Host Unit can field an additional team in case the number of participating teams at the time of Meet is less than 8.
      2. Host Unit shall conduct individual events, only if minimum number of entries has been received at the time of the Meet. (This shall be maximum number of entries allowed per group multiplied by 4 for singles as well as doubles. Here also, the Host Unit can field an extra set of entries, if required).
      3. In case, even after fielding an Extra entry / an extra set of entries from the Host Unit, the number is still less than the minimum required to conduct the event; then the event be conducted but ONLY THE FIRST PRIZE would be given. (In such cases the Host Unit shall not be allowed to field the extra entry / an extra set of entries).
    2. Minimum age limit for veterans is above 50 years as on January 01 of the year during which the meets are being conducted. Veterans can participate either in veterans or in open events but not in both the category.
    3. Managers: For all events there is a separate provision for the Manager. Hence, the Manager WOULD NOT PARTICIPATE in the Events / Matches. However, in games where the provision is for manager cum player or if a Group has not deputed any separate Manager and one of the participants is also designated as the Manager; in that case the participant concerned would be allowed to take part in various competitions.
    4. Draws for the Fixtures shall be taken by the Tournament Committee, in the Managers meeting.
    5. Trophies shall be given to the Winning and Runners-up as details in the Annexure 3. These Trophies, along with the Trophy for the Fair Play, shall be supplied by DAE Sports & Cultural Council. These are being given on permanent basis and shall be retailed by the Units / Groups who are awarded these Trophies.
    6. Fair play shield shall be awarded to the Group conduct on and off the field is found to be best throughout the Meet and adherence to all the Guidelines including the Kit. This shall be decided by the chairman of the organising committee, and convener of the Meet and the representative of their feedback and observation.
    7. Man of the Meet prize shall be awarded (in team games only) to an individual whose overall performance in the game is found to be the best. This shall be awarded by the umpires / judges with convener of the meet as a coordinator.
    8. _
      1. Prizes shall be given to only those participants whose names have been given to the organisers in advance and are present at the Meet.
      2. The nature of the prizes shall be decided by the Host Unit and the value should be around the amount mentioned in expenditure guidelines. No cash prizes shall be awarded.
      3. There shall be NO OTHER PRIZES than those mentioned in the guidelines. This point must be specifically noted by the Host Units.
    9. For Cultural Only
      1. Accompanists and other supporting personnel for make-up, light, sound etc. will be provided by the host unit on specific requests from individual groups made well in advance. However, individual groups may field make-up, accompanists / supporting personnel from within their own team without exceeding the number specified.
      2. The host unit shall provide the requisite facilities on / behind the stage, including spotlight & dimmers etc.
      3. Penalty for exceeding time limits for different events shall be specified by the team of judges beforehand.
      4. No trophy / shield shall be awarded for any of the individual events.
    10. In case of Cultural; the overall trophies (First position / Second Position) will be awarded to Groups on the basis of total points earned by a group, as per the chart given below. In case of a tie, First position in team / One Act Play will be awarded “the team championship”. Similarly, the prizes for the Manager (Both in case of different games as well as in cultural) will be awarded to Groups on the basis of total points earned by a group as given below:
      1. Team Championship / One Act Play / Fair Play (1st Position – 10 points; 2nd Position – 5 points; 3rd Position / Semis – 2 points)
      2. Individual Events / Items (1st Position – 6 points; 2nd Position – 3 points; 3rd Position – 1 point)
      3. Man of the Meet Prize ( 6 points )
    11. The host unit shall make a Technical Committee to sort out the technical dispute, which include Chief Referee, Convenor of the meet and another representative of Chairman of Organizing Committee to decide the dispute and disciplinary action. The decision taken by Technical Committee is final and binding.
    12. Excellence in sportsmanship and discipline is expected from all the participants. Any act of indiscipline may lead to debarring an individual or the entire team for future meets.