DAESCC Meet Reports

After the completion of the Meet, the Convenor of the Organizing Committee shall submit a Report to the DAE Sports & Cultural Council, as per the format detailed below.

(As per the Guidelines, a meeting of the Manager of various Groups would have been conducted for general briefing and for taking out the fixtures/draws. It would be desirable if another meeting with the Group Managers is also at the end of the Meet in order to have their feedback and to include their various suggestions in the Meet Report itself.)

  1. The Report should give the summary of the Results, salient features and special highlights of the Meet, including a few photographs. The report should be sent in a folder.
  2. Annexure to the report should include:
    1. Names of the participants (group-wise) along with the names of their respective units.
    2. A separate set of photographs posted in the Report.
    3. Shortcomings, if any, in the guidelines of the sports council and suggestions for the future meets.
    4. Shortcomings, if any, in conducting the meet / event at your place and suggestions for the future meets.
    5. Level of performance of the participants and suggestions for improving the standard. It is desirable that some quantitative input with regard to performance levels be indicated.
    6. General behaviour of the participants or a particular Group / Unit warrant any disciplinary action, the same may be mentioned.
    7. Difficulties encountered by your Unit in organising this meet.
    8. Spin-offs to your Unit as a result of conducting this and the previous Meets.
    9. Any other matter of significance.